Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor is founder and principal of Unisolve.

He has extensive experience as a software developer, designer and consultant. His particular areas of expertise are web site and mobile app development, graphic design, database analysis and integrating with 3rd-party ERP environments.

Specific software technologies Simon has worked with include Python, Perl, PHP, C, Node.js, Apache, ExtJS/Sencha, JQuery, CSS, MySQL, REST and SOAP interfaces, Gimp/Photoshop and GNU/Linux.

He also has a strong interest in:

Computer Vision
OpenCV, Convolutional Neural Networks, image descriptors, image classification, custom object detectors and realtime video stream analysis
Hardware development
Arduino and other AVR microcontroller boards and embedded Linux environments particularly Rasberry Pi, Intel Edison and Beagle Bone. LoRa and LoRaWAN

Simon has been associated with various non-profit groups including Melb Perl Mongers, the Open Source Developer's Conference, ANZAAS (The Australian & New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science) and Humanity+ @Melbourne.

In his private life, Simon enjoys being with his large and talkative family, is an avid reader, and hosts a weekly science show on Vision Australia Radio, a community radio station.