Resume for Simon Taylor, principal of Unisolve Pty Ltd

Technical Summary

Unisolve - April 1997 to the present.

Unisolve Pty Ltd. Web Development. Large scale automation. Graphic design. More here...

Microlistics Pty Ltd, contractor Feb 1995 to Mar 1997

During this period contracted to:
  1. Port and develop the company's "ISIS GII" warehouse management system. This application has a Unix/Oracle component, and a Radio Frequency terminal component, and is used to control stock movements and interface to hardware (doors, gates and weighbridges, etc), within large warehouses. Worked as a team leader responsible for the implementation and development of the product for three of the company's clients. Oracle Forms, PL/SQL database triggers, Proc*C and c. Development of external device control components of the application.
  2. Overhaul and direct the company's software development, software installation, and internal quality control processes.
  3. OS and database upgrades for Microlistics and their clients.

L.M. Ericsson Pty Ltd, contractor Sep 1994 to December 1994

Preparing and executing "Basic Test Instructions" for PLEX language blocks that formed the Group Switching Sub-System in Ericssons AXE exchanges. The work placed a heavy emphasis on formal testing methods, regression analysis, and on ISO 9001 compliance. The work was performed on a network of sun workstations, and utilised the Ericsson exchange emulator toolset. In addition, I created Basic Test Instruction conversion tools with lex, yacc, awk and sed.

Technical Development Manager, Profitool Inc, Denver Colorado Feb 1993 to July 1994

Product Development Specialist, Profitool Inc, Denver Colorado Aug 1992 to Jan 1993

My principle duty was the conversion from FORTRAN to c of 600,000+ lines of the Profitool Construction Accounting and Project Control package. To this end I was involved in the development of a Primos and MidasPlus system call emulation layer, overseeing and vetting the work of the principle contractor, PROMULA Inc., and the training of existing programming staff. I made heavy use of the Unix tools make, rcs, sed and grep. The makefile environment was required to accept sources for a given object in two languages, and maintain the integrity of 15 executables that made up the application from their 20 archive libraries and 3200 source files.
I was also charged with the creation and implementation of a company policy to ensure maximum portability of the existing base of FORTRAN code, as this code which was developed on one platform only, was required to compile without manual intervention in the following environments:
  • AIX - Ansi c
  • HP-UX - Ansi c
  • Primos - FORTRAN 66
  • Vax VMS - FORTRAN 77
Other duties included the planning of the GUI and SQL Interfaces to the application, and the FORTRAN language port to Open VMS.

Manager, Group Information Systems, Fletcher Construction Australia Feb 1991 to July 1992

Promoted to position of Manager of the Group Information Systems department. Responsible for planning and implementation of IT policy for the company, support for all applications, development of Drawing Control and Marketing systems, training and communications. Commissioned to undertake a review of Construction Industry Software including evaluation in Australia, New Zealand and The United States.

Application Support Analyst, Fletcher Construction Australia Nov 1989 to Jan 1991

Hired to continue the implementation of the Profitool package and to provide Australia wide support for 130+ users, and to customize the application using PL/1 and the systems own development tools. Trained in Denver Colorado.

Consultant, Freedom Publishing Co, Melbourne Feb 1989 to Oct 1989

Project manager, Markay Pty Ltd, Melbourne Dec 1985 to Feb 1989